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You can either lodge your tax return online with TaxRunner, book a telephone appointment to process your tax return over the phone, or come to one of our offices in Sydney or Melbourne.

The easy, fast and affordable way is to lodge your tax return online.

To lodge using online tax return service, there are few steps:

  • Providing your Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Starting your TaxRunner account (New Clients)
  • Processing tax return online using the secure TaxRunner’s service and lodging your online tax return in few minutes.

After entering the required information, you can print and review your tax return before the final lodgment. You can also see a detailed breakdown of your estimated tax refund or payment.

When you confirm your details, your online tax return is checked for accuracy to avoid any discrepancies before the final lodgment to ATO.

Tax Return Online service now quick and easy at TaxRunner.

When you do your tax return online with TaxRunner, your tax return is pre-filled with the information uploaded to the Australian Taxation Office-ATO. Pre-filling makes it faster in processing your online tax return in addition to accuracy.

The TaxRunner’s online system partially completes your tax return for you using the information that your employers, banks, insurance providers and Government agencies provided to the Australian Taxation Office.

How much information TaxRunner can pre-fill depends on when the ATO receives this information and when you lodge your tax return online.

Before you can finalise and submit to us your income tax return, please make sure that you:

  • reviewed the pre-filled information and it is checked against your own records. You are able to change or delete your pre-filled details if you have more current information.
  • added all required information such as your other income, private health insurance details, work related expenses, ets.;
  • updated incorrect details to avoid any discrepancies before lodging your tax return.

You may find that your tax return is almost done with auto pre-filling.

Online Tax Return process is now quick and easy at TaxRunner.

Tax return process is a once per year requirement. That’s why clients choose to do it with Australia’s leading Tax Accountants that know the process from A to Z.

  • TaxRunner works on preventing before correcting
  • TaxRunner provides easy-to-understand explanations
  • TaxRunner provides occupation-specific explanations about allowable deductions
  • TaxRunner provides help about law changes and issues that require special attention
  • We offer online, phone and face-to-face help.
  • lodging tax returns from anywhere. Get your biggest tax refund with no deep tax knowledge. At TaxRunner, you lodge your tax return in professional process without being tax professional.
  • Reviewed by a tax agent registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) that provide you with consumer protection.

Lodging tax return at TaxRunner means confidence and acceptance.

Tax Return Online

Electronic returns are usually processed in ten business days.

Once your tax return is processed, the ATO issues a notice telling you if you’re entitled to a refund or that you are required to pay tax.

In general, after the final lodgment to ATO, you may receive the tax refund amount on your bank account within 1-2 weeks.

Tax Return Online is now quick and easy at TaxRunner.

Most people are required to lodge 1 tax return per year. Not sure if you are required to lodge your income tax return, read on.

In general, you are required to lodge your tax return if any of the following apply:

Tax  amount was deducted from payments (such as salaries) made to you during the financial year.
– You are Australian resident for tax purposes and your taxable income was more than the tax-free threshold amount.
– You are a foreign resident for tax purposes and you received more than $1 in Australia during the financial year.
– You are leaving Australia either permanently or for more than 1 financial year.

You are not required to lodge an Australian tax return if you are a foreign resident and your only Australian-sourced income was interest, dividends or royalties from which non-resident withholding required tax has been withheld.

Note : From 1 July 2017 if you have a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) or Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt and you’re a foreign resident for tax purposes, you are required to declare your worldwide income or lodge a non-lodgment form.

Tax Return Online now are quick and easy at TaxRunner.

When a red flag is raised, ATO staff investigates your tax return further and if your claims seem unusual, ATO check them with your employer.

If you’ve made a mistake, this hold up the processing of your tax return.

If you make an honest mistake, we can help you fix it up and correct your tax return.

Lodging tax return online at TaxRunner is avoiding penalties.

The fee for processing your tax return is $70 + GST.

You can choose to pay online while processing your tax return or you can also use the fee from refund service at TaxRunner.

The fee from refund service is available only if the final estimation is showing a tax refund.

Online Tax Return is secure and affordable at TaxRunner.

Failure to lodge (FTL) on time penalty may be applied if the taxpayer is required to lodge a return or statement with ATO by a certain day, but doesn’t.

Generally, ATO doesn’t apply penalties in isolated cases of late lodgment.

ATO warns you by phone or in writing if you’ve failed to lodge. If ATO applies FTL penalty, they send you a penalty notice stating the amount and payment date of the penalty.

FTL penalty Calculation

For small entities, FTL penalty is calculated at the rate of one penalty unit for each period of 28 days (or part thereof) that the return or statement is late on lodgment , up to a maximum of five penalty units.

There is automated penalty system that applies FTL penalty to late-lodged returns and statements, including:

– activity statements
tax returns
– FBT returns
– PAYG withholding annual reports
– annual GST returns and information reports
– taxable payment annual reports.

ATO may apply FTL penalty manually in some situations such as a taxpayer has not lodged after a request to do so.

A penalty is not applied to a late-lodged tax return, FBT return, annual GST return or activity statement if the lodgment results in either a refund or a nil result, unless:

– FTL penalty was actually applied before the statement or return was lodged
– the un-lodged item was a third-party data report.

Starting from 1 July 2017, the penalty unit amount is $210.

Lodging tax return online on time is a quick and easy way to avoid FTL penalty.

To understand really your tax situation, you are required first to work out if you are an Australian or foreign resident for tax purposes.

ATO doesn’t use the same procedures as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (now known as the Department of Home Affairs). This actually means that you:

– can be an Australian resident for tax purposes though not an Australian citizen or permanent resident
– may have a visa to enter Australia, but not an Australian resident for tax purposes.

If you’re a foreign resident for tax purposes you are required to declare on your tax return any income earned in Australia, including:

– employment income
– rental income
– Australian pensions
– capital gains on Australian assets.

If you have a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) or Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt and you’re a non-resident for tax purposes, you are required to declare your worldwide income or lodge a non-lodgment form.

If you’re an Australian resident for tax purposes, you are required generally to declare all income you earned both in Australia and internationally on your Australian tax return.

If you hold a temporary visa, then you are a temporary resident. Temporary residents only declare income derived in Australia, plus any income earned from employment performed overseas for short periods while being a temporary resident of Australia.

Australian Tax Return Online now quick and easy at TaxRunner.