Partners for Tax Purposes


You are required to report your partner details on your tax return. Your partner for tax purposes includes another person (of any sex) who:

– you were in a relationship with and was registered under a prescribed territory or state law
– although not legally married to you, lived with you on a genuine domestic relationship as a couple.

In order to determine whether you have been living together on a genuine domestic relation, look at a range of factors such as:

– The duration of your relationship
– Your living arrangements together
– How your finances are arranged – the degree of financial dependence and interdependence
– Whether a sexual relationship exists
– The way you present your relationship in public
– The degree of mutual participation in a shared life
– Whether you both own a property together and how you have bought this property
– Whether your relationship is registered with the state
– Whether you have or care for children together
– Whether you have joint accounts or statements

Other factors may also be taken into account.

Including your spouse’s income is effective as it is used to work out whether you:

– are entitled to a rebate for your private health policy
– are entitled to seniors and pensioners tax offset
– are entitled to a Medicare levy reduction
– are required to pay Medicare levy surcharge.


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